We fly this Friday!

Just a reminder that we are away on our long over due honeymoon as of Friday Feb 7th. We still have time for a few last minute orders this week, otherwise, our return date is Feb 23rd.

You can contact us directly at info@honeydewandviolet.com

Thanks! xo


  • Posted by Faidahtul on

    My approach is simlpe- if you see it on my vids then i recommend it. If you see me using it then it is becuase I feel it is of quality. I dont want to have 500 BS vids. Anyone can say something bad over the internet. i would rather have 500 positive vids and let people take the hint on the brands and products that do not make the cut.If I get something bad for a review then I send it back or dont do the review. That is me. I try to take the high road.

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