The Super Hero Walk.

Team Honeydew & Violet will be closing for a short period next week, to take part in the much anticipated
The Super Hero's will be taking some time out from crime fighting, to help raise money for the charity "Country Hope" - a charity that helps out the families of sick kids that live in country areas, that have to travel to capital cities for their medical treatment. Country Hope helps out with the forgotten costs and burdens, such as time off work for the parents, and the bills that keep coming in.
H&V are really excited to be joining in with the Super Hero team, and seeing some of the beautiful countryside as we walk alongside them (dressed in full costume also, of course!)
During this time, the H&V studio will be closed, and no pieces will be worked on from Tuesday 15th September, until Monday 21st September. We apologise for any inconvenience, but we will be back on deck as soon as we return from our adventures.
We look forward to sharing some of our journey on our blog and social media channels!
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