H&V Available by appointment only (for now)...

*** Customers please note ***
H&V is currently only available for small individual orders only. 
Our website is still open, but you might notice that all of our products appear as "Sold out".
This is because we are looking into how we plan to run things for 2017, as our lead designer and silversmith has decided to go back to Uni later this year to commence studies for a Masters degree.
We will be opening up certain pieces only for sale before Mother's Day (sale dates yet to be announced), but you can also contact us via email or various social media channels to see if we can accommodate any pieces you are dreaming of.
Please email dani@honeydewandviolet.com or visit us on facebook or instagram.


  • Posted by Samantha on


    I am try to find somewhere that can make a couple of key rings for me. The trouble is, I am hoping to get one of them by this weekend! Is this in anyway possible? I could pick it up ( I live in Clovelly)?

    I would like a keyring (the Halo one on your site is nice!) that says “Grandma est. 2016” on it. (the less urgent one I would like “Nanna est. 2016” on it). and then, I don’t know if this is possible, but then something else attached to it with the name Ted on it. I have included a link to the sort of thing I mean.


    Please let me know if this is possible to do for this weekend.
    Thanks so much,

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