Our Story

Honeydew & Violet creates a range of beautiful and unique hand stamped sterling silver jewellery.

Classic and timeless style, yet with an organic feel and a vintage inspired edge.

A boutique, bespoke jewellery company. Created by Sydney based designer & silversmith, Danielle Tinkler.


Danielle had a vision to find ethically sourced, classically timeless, high quality personalised hand stamped jewellery – yet with a quirky, vintage inspired edge. Motivated by love, and the bond that comes with being part of a family, Honeydew & Violet produces custom pieces that can be worn for a lifetime, and handed down throughout the generations. Turning sterling silver into family heirlooms that commemorate memories and moments, and thus creating the perfect sentiment.


Not originally from a design background, Danielle decided to chase a dream and try something new whilst on maternity leave from a long term career in health care. The journey of motherhood sprouted an explosion of creativity, and a new sense of clarity - although she never quite realised it at the time.


“When I found myself commencing on my own journey into motherhood, I felt like I was destined to tap into my creative side. I decided that I really would love a stunning, hand-crafted, personalised piece of jewellery. A piece that was truly sentimental. One that keeps my loved ones with me always, and shows them off to the world...

But after searching endlessly from jewellery maker to jewellery maker, I could not find the person who could capture the true style that I was after. Every piece was either too "busy", too "flimsy", too "modern", or too "mum-sy". Nothing had the balance of timeless, organic, quirky and cool that I was dreaming of. Right then I knew that I had to get creating, and start developing these ideas myself.

And since then, many have liked what I have come up with. They've liked my style, and they've understood my vibe".

- Danielle Tinkler. Founder & Lead Designer - H&V.

This marked the beginning of our "quaint little jewellery co."

Born out of a tiny home studio, Honeydew & Violet creates a range of custom made, personalised, hand stamped jewellery and accessories. So that every person can be adorned with a one-off, classic-yet-quirky, vintage inspired piece. A piece that show cases what we treasure most....Our precious family, friends, memories and moments.

Each creation is delicate, yet sturdy, strong, and solid. Our look is minimal, classic, and timeless; yet with an almost organic feel to it.
The complete range of pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and accessories from Honeydew & Violet projects the brands signature “Organically Imperfect” style, and these can be used in any combination together to create your own unique piece.

It is a collection that co-ordinates and compliments - whether it's one piece, or many. So that you can build your most sentimental creation over time. By adding or subtracting your pendants you can create new looks that are perfect for any occasion - be it an elegant event, or just an everyday trip to the park - all the while keeping your look completely unique to you.

Incorporating the essential qualities of happiness, integrity, authenticity, gratitude & love; 
- and it is these elements of humanity, that ensures your custom piece by Honeydew & Violet is destined to remain a treasured family heirloom for years to come.

Honeydew & Violet - always keeping happiness in mind, with the intention to make you smile.