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H&V's Custom Made Ring Size Conversion Chart

When choosing your ring size, please keep in mind that the wider the ring band width, the snugger the ring will feel because of the increased surface area it covers on your finger. Therefore, if you are considering one of our bigger style rings such as our bold Grace dress ring or the solid and weighty James men's ring, then we suggest going bigger, rather than smaller. The same principle applies if you are thinking of stacking two or more of our finer rings.
We have converted this into both US and  Australian sizing for you when choosing for your cart. 
All of our rings are custom made by us in the studio, and therefore the sizing can be a little more adaptable if needs be. Please contact us if you cannot find a size that you are after.
When choosing hand stamped rings, please be aware that slight variations will occur in sizing due to metal shifts in the stamping process. For more information on this, please visit our page that explains the hand stamped process, here:
3mm Leather Colour Choices.
(Complimentary Leather Cord Necklaces)
Primrose, Splash, Turquoise, Petal, Natural Dark Brown, Black, Honeydew, Lilac, Raspberry & Ballet.


 Natural Silk Bracelet Colour Choices




Bangle Sizing

Checking your bangle size at home can be a tricky task, but here is an easy step by step guide to find your size in the simplest way possible if you don't have the chance to try it on in person.

1. Place your hand flat, palm down on a table.

2. With a pen, mark out the middle of your knuckle on your index finger, and the middle of your knuckle on your pinky finger.

3. With a ruler, measure the distance between the two points with your hand laying flat.

This measurement will equal the internal diameter of what your bangle needs to be as demonstrated in the photo below: