The Hand Stamped Process

At Honeydew & Violet, we specialise in the hand stamping of precious metals, to create high quality personalised jewellery. All of our work is carried out by hand. We use tools, but we do not use machines. Nor do we use computers or lasers to engrave or etch.

 Metal stamping is very different to engraving or etching. In engraving or etching, the metal is ground away to leave to marks in the metal. There is minimal force to any other parts of the metal except from the area being engraved.


In metal stamping, there is extreme force used to hammer each letter into the metal. The pendant is placed on a metal bench block, and then a metal stamp is struck with a metal hammer to cause the indent.

In basic terms it is metal, slammed against metal, against metal.

Due to the laws of physics, when a metal is stamped and an indent is made, the metal must shift a little in other areas of the piece to allow room for the stamping marks - hence it can become uneven in areas of heavy pressure.

All of our metals are annealed (heated) prior to stamping to make it malleable. This means that it is able to be hammered or pressed into shape without it breaking or cracking. But it also means that the metal is now mouldable, and may change shape a little. This is often unavoidable due to compression stress resulting in deformation of the metal, in which it will expand outwards in other areas.

Blemishes, slight scratching, and unevenness can occur due to the shear force of pounding metal against metal.

The metal is then re-shaped as much as possible, filed, and sanded all by hand. We then sand all of the pieces back to remove as many blemishes and surface scratches as possible. We finish with hand polishing using various grades of polishing cloths to reach a high shine.


All of the above information is not considered a flaw to our work in any way. It is all part of the process, and therefore, part of the charm of a hand stamped piece.

Please, if you do not understand and accept these points, then you might want to reconsider ordering a piece of hand stamped jewellery. All of our work is custom made, and we take pride in the fact that little variances will occur from piece to piece. And this  is one of the things that will make your piece of jewellery completely unique.