Organic Halo Bangle 4mm

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This luxurious sterling silver bangle is completely  S O L I D  in its construction, and totally made by hand. It is shaped into a not quite circle / not quite oval form, and then flattened - so that it sits on your wrist just perfectly to be able to show off the gorgeous stamping that you would choose to personalise your piece.

H&V's Organic Halo's can be stamped with quite a lot of stamping around the edge, and also double sided

Each bangle is individually made, so slight variations in sizing do occur - but this also makes our Organic Halo's even more unique. Made from 4mm sterling silver wire, you can expect your bracelet to be relatively weighty - A little bit more light weight than its sister in the 5mm bangle, but there is definitely nothing delicate about this piece!